Luke Jensen

Luke attended the University of Southern California, playing his unique game with both hands, earning him singles and doubles All-American honors in 1985 and again in 1991. After turning professional in 1989, Luke fought a typically spirited uphill battle for career success, despite being dogged by injury – including an unexpected brush with a swinging glass door the same year, which put him in surgery.

Luke is a strong supporter of grassroots youth tennis: “What I enjoy is going to a city for the first time and teaching,” he said. “That’s what we have to do – we’re all in this together.” These days, as well as playing and coaching, Luke can regularly be seen commentating on ESPN and network TV as well as fulfilling lively after-dinner speaking engagements around the country. He has also written for USA Today, Tennis Magazine, Tennis Match and Racquet Magazine.

In his spare time he plays bass guitar, rides his Harley-Davidson and still endures endless ribbing from his brother for accidentally breaking Murphy’s nose in the post-match, on-court celebrations in Paris in 1993. He lists The Right Stuff as his favorite movie, Das Boot as his favorite book, and Marilyn Monroe as his ultimate dream date. Of Luke, Murphy says: “Luke has tremendous foresight. The way he acts is that of great leadership. I’d follow him anywhere!”

Luke, in addition to his extensive tennis commentating schedule during the Grand Slams is also the Head Tennis Coach at Syracuse University. GO ‘CUSE!!!!