The drills at the Jensen-Schmidt Tennis Academy are designed specifically for children with Down Syndrome. Although the focus of the Academy is, of course tennis, we realize the value of athletic training, in all its forms, on the development of any child. Therefore, we have taken great lengths to be able to meet your child regardless of where they are developmentally.

Our training is physical training, focusing on the skills to play not only tennis, but also any athletic endeavor. We will work on coordination. We will zero in on hand-eye, foot-eye and general kinesiology. Although we will be on a tennis court, your child does not have to come with any knowledge of the game itself. We are confident that our drills, both with a tennis racket and with our “red-ball”, will give your child a sense of accomplishment and perhaps spark him or her to continue in the sport. This is a skills-development opportunity. Members of the United States Professional Tennis Association, physical therapists and kinesiologists design our drills with an emphasis on the special needs of children with Down Syndrome. We are open to the concept of training both the athlete and the athlete’s family.

We welcome any chaperones involvement in our Academy. We hope that the training we do with your son or daughter will directly lead to more activity based on the family and fun at your home.

FUN. This is a concept embraced by the Jensen Brothers, and our Academy. If you leave our Academy after three days, with nothing other than that… we have been successful. That being said, we are confident that the atmosphere we create for your child at the Academy will be one of love, care and a real concern for your child. Your child will leave the Academy happy that he or she came.